Case Study

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

I worked with Orrick for many years in a variety of roles and capacities, mostly dealing with email and web technology issues.

Corporate Intranet Redesign

I helped Orrick explore new design ideas for their corporate intranet.
This is what the client’s intranet looked like when I began working on its redesign.
The structure and organization of the client’s intranet was in a constant state of change and practices and working groups changed and reorganized. This design depicts a centralized navigation in flexible menu system. Because the labels for the top-level navigation options are not incorporated into the design, they can be easily changed and contain words of any length, allowing for better understanding and more descriptive organization as well as growth and easy reorganization as the company grows and changes.
Illustration of new navigation concept on existing business application. Since all of the navigation under the header is specific to the sub application, these sub-sites and applications are released from the burden of incorporating site navigation as well as their own.
An example of the homepage of a sub-site or internal web-based application homepage. Links that used to be hard to find are now only 2 clicks away from the intranet homepage.

Email Template System

I designed a complete set of internal and external branded email templates. External templates were deployed using an internal service that integrated with the client’s CRM. Additional templates were deployed as Outlook Templates that users could install within Outlook using their Exchange Server.
Since you’d be getting a lot of these emails, the weekly calendar was incorporated into the design to provide visual reference that changed on a daily basis.