Case Study

DLA Piper Rudnick

I worked with DLA Piper’s Marketing department for several years and several mergers and re-brandings. I also did some graphic design and worked on some printed materials.

HTML Email Newsletter Template

I designed a flexible template system for the firms many electronic email newsletters. The system was deployed with a new Interaction CRM system.

Internal Department Logos

We designed a system of branded logos for the client’s many internal working groups. The challenge was to expand the existing branding while not breaking it.

Online Annual Report

The firm experimented with an online version of their annual report. The entire report was one self-contained html file that enabled it to be emailed as an attachment but still retain some interactivity.
The entire report was a self-contained HTML file with external asset references. A fixed navigation section was provided on the left.

Projects Photo Brochure

This is an example of some printed graphic design projects that I worked on for this client. The piece was intended to be used by lawyers from the Construction Law Group while they walked clients through some of the projects they have worked on in the past. The challenge was to take what was basically just a photo book and make it look like it came from DLA Piper.

Workspace Application Redesign

I re-skinned an existing enterprise web application. The challenge was to add some of the client’s branding and visual design using only CSS, not changing the underlying HTML.
For reference, this is what the original application looked liked.