Case Study

Photorealistic Computer Renderings

1998 - 2004
One of my first jobs after college was designing interiors for private jets. During that time I built 3D models and renderings of private jet interiors and interior components. I’ve occasionally resurrected these skills to create graphics, although the software has changed a lot since these days.

Aircraft Interior Renderings

I built the complete model set including all texture maps from scanned material samples. This is all completely computer generated from scratch by me. Not terribly relevant to my current work but I’m still proud of them.

Photorealistic 3D Rendering

I later re-used my modeling and rendering skills to help a client create graphics where photography was unrealistic. The client’s brand ad campaign featured big circular objects with text underneath. Stock photography was too hard, so I did some 3D modeling and rendering where we couldn’t find good stock photography.
We couldn’t find just the right speedometer at stock photo houses so I made our own.